Wine & Chocolate: The Art of Tasting in Burgundy

Burgundy is world-famous for its exceptional wines, but did you know that this region also hides another know-how ? Chocolate. The association of wine and chocolate may seem unusual, but in this article, we take you on a tour of Burgundy’s wine and chocolate expertise, as well as the activities not to be missed on your wine tourism trip with Wine Tour Bourgogne.

Wine: the soul of Burgundy 

Burgundy is one of France’s most renowned wine-growing regions. Its wines, particularly Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, are celebrated for their elegance, finesse and complexity. Burgundy is divided into several appellations, each with its own unique characteristics and terroirs. You can taste wines ranging from the renowned crus of the Côte d’Or to the refreshing white wines of Chablis. Wine tasting in Burgundy is an experience in itself, where you can visit family-run wineries and discover the secrets of winemaking through guided tastings.

Wine and chocolate pairing: our top tips

Do wine and chocolate go well together? Yes, pairing wine and chocolate is a gourmet taste experience. Follow our tips for a successful pairing:

  • Wine choice: In general, red wines are better suited to rich, full-bodied dark chocolates, while white wines can better accompany milder white or milk chocolates. Sweet and syrupy wines, such as dessert wines, can also be paired with chocolates.
  • Flavor intensity: Make sure the wine and chocolate have a similar flavor intensity. For example, an intense dark chocolate will go well with a full-bodied red wine, while a milder milk chocolate might go well with a mellow white wine.

Complementary flavors: Look for flavors that complement each other, such as a fruity red wine paired with a dark chocolate with notes of red fruit. Conversely, a very dry wine could make a sweet chocolate less enjoyable.

Burgundy wine and chocolate: our favorite pairing

The art of pairing wine with chocolate lies in the subtlety of the flavors and the search for balance. Here’s an example of a successful Burgundy wine/chocolate pairing: Pinot Noir from the Côte de Nuits with Dark Cherry Chocolate. This elegant red wine is characterized by aromas of red fruits such as cherry and raspberry, as well as subtle notes of earth and spice. This wine can be successfully paired with chocolate that matches the wine’s aromas. What’s more, Pinot Noir’s soft tannins harmonize with the bitterness of dark chocolate, creating a balance between sweet and bitter. And finally, the slightly spicy notes of the wine complement the richness of the dark chocolate.

Activities in Burgundy: between gourmet delights and oenology 

To help you prepare for your trip to Burgundy, here are a few not-to-be-missed activities to make the most of this gourmet wine and chocolate experience. We recommend Oenological and Gastronomic Excursions. Opt for tailor-made wine tours or excursions that will take you through Burgundy to meet talented wine producers, artisans and chefs.
All in all, wine and chocolate can be a harmonious match if you take the time to choose the right pairing. A visit to Burgundy will plunge you into the heart of Burgundy’s savoir-faire, with an original taste experience. So get ready to awaken your senses on your next trip to Burgundy.