The origin of Burgundy’s greatest wines: discover Pinot Noir on a private wine tour

Pinot noir

If you are a wine lover looking for the most authentic and complete wine tour experience possible, then a private wine tour in Burgundy with Heritour Voyage to discover the Pinot Noir would be the best choice. In this region that is renowned as the birthplace of Pinot Noir, there is an extensive variety of crus, with different styles produced by each. Visit the Côte de Beaune on a luxurious wine tasting weekend with our connoisseurs Vicky and Simon.

The Origin of Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir is a wine variety with a remarkable history and origin. It is generally considered to be the oldest wine grape variety grown in the world, taking root in northern Burgundy over 2000 years ago.

In the history of viticulture, Pinot Noir has always been highly sought after among the great producers of the world. In France, it was considered the king of red grapes until the 1920s. 

Discover all the secrets of Pinot Noir wines by booking your private wine tour with Heritour.

Let us guide you through the romantic landscapes surrounding the Burgundy wines

As one of France’s historic vineyards, Burgundy is at the forefront of Pinot Noir production worldwide. This is where you can discover the great, elegant and rich red wines from the well-oriented hillsides near the Saône River. On the Route des Vins, a visit to these beautiful landscapes not only allows you to fully appreciate the terroir and environment but also to understand how the same type of grape variety produces such different wines with each unique vintage.

Why opt for a private wine tour?

A private wine tour is different from other classic tours because it offers several notable advantages: your guide will be able to adapt your itinerary according to your personal knowledge of Pinot Noir or to what you wish to learn; visit family farms located further away and not very well known by the general public; stop at picturesque villages upon request; and even taste the different appellations produced from Pinot Noir to appreciate its extraordinary aromatic range.
So what are you waiting for? Come and taste the origin of the greatest wines and visit an extraordinary region with our Heritour private tour of the vineyards.