Our transport services for people with reduced mobility departing from Dijon, in the Côte d'Or

Our Heritour Voyage company, based in Dijon, offers tailor-made wine tours throughout Burgundy with specialized support, as well as private driver services. We have recently completed our fleet of prestige VTC vehicles with the acquisition of two Mercedes Sprinter equipped with access ramp for people with reduced mobility, a ramp at the rear of the vehicle and an anchor point meeting the standards in force.

Vehicle adapted for people with disabilities

PMR transport in Burgundy

In addition to our usual services, we also propose to provide reduced mobility people transport in Burgundy tailor-made for all your trips in the region. Our vehicles, equipped in the summer of 2020, have been checked and certified as compliant by the competent authorities for the transport of disabled people. Whether it is a person with a disability or a physical disorder, in an electric wheelchair or not, a pregnant woman, a person traveling with heavy luggage, we offer the comfort of a disabled person in a comfortable and perfectly equipped vehicle. We adapt to all your people with reduced mobility transport needs in Burgundy, around Dijon as throughout the Côte d’Or!


Transport of Persons with Reduced Mobility

With the transport of people with reduced mobility around Dijon and Beaune, we guarantee you a very high quality service. In addition to the comfort of our PRTC PMR, a private driver awaits you and will assist you throughout your trip. We can also provide, according to your needs, a guide who will facilitate your movement during your PMR transport in Burgundy. He will help you get in and out of the vehicle and ensure your comfort and safety throughout your people with reduced mobility transport. Our services are aimed at all types of people who have difficulty getting around and we remain at your disposal to help you find the best solution for your people with reduced mobility transport in Burgundy, Côte d’Or and around Dijon.

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We offer our transport services to individuals but also to nursing homes, nursing homes,associations or communities. We will thus take you to your medical or professional appointments, to day care health visits or for an examination but also on all your leisure trips, to a cultural event, for your shopping or for an oenological discovery of the region. Thanks to our tailor-made services, we are able to adapt to your needs in Côte d’Or and Dijon!

Transport information

That said, we provide people with reduced mobility transport in Burgundy but only privately. Indeed, we do not have agreements with health organizations. You will therefore not be able to request reimbursement of your PMR transport in Burgundy by your mutual insurance company or Social Security.

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