Winter in Burgundy: an intimate, tailor-made experience

When one thinks of Burgundy, images of sun-kissed vineyards and wine-tasting on terraces naturally spring to mind. However, there’s a lesser-known facet of this world-renowned wine region that deserves your full attention: Burgundy in winter. Although winter may seem an unusual season for a wine tourism trip, it offers a great experience for travelers in search of exclusive discoveries. Here’s why you should consider traveling to Burgundy this winter with Heritour Voyage.

Vines in Winter: a magical landscape

In winter, Burgundy is transformed into an enchanting winter landscape. The rows of vines take on a mystical beauty, ideal for peaceful strolls through the vineyards. If you’re lucky, you’ll discover Burgundy under a soft blanket of snow. The vineyards present a breathtaking winter tableau. It’s a fleeting moment of grace and tranquility that envelops the region in a soothing atmosphere. Travelling to Burgundy in the snow also means enjoying Burgundy’s food, known for its cheering aspect: a great way to end the day !

Fewer tourists, more privacy: a tailor-made experience

One of the main reasons for traveling to Burgundy in winter is the crowds. Vineyards and wineries are quieter, which means you can enjoy a more personalized experience. Planning a tailor-made trip to Burgundy in winter offers travelers the opportunity to personalize their wine tourism experience: enjoy visits to family-run wineries, tastings of rare wines, meetings with passionate winemakers, all tailored to your personal preferences. With a personalized  wine tour in winter, you have the freedom to create an itinerary that perfectly matches your desires, while enjoying the calm of the season.

The weather in Burgundy in winter: 

When planning to visit Burgundy in winter, it’s essential to consider the weather and temperature. The winter months in Burgundy, from December to February, are generally cold, with average temperatures between 2°C and 6°C. The region can be covered in snow, creating a magical backdrop for your wine discoveries. However, it’s important to prepare accordingly by taking warm, waterproof clothing with you. The days may be short, but this also means longer evenings spent by the fireside, discovering the region’s wines.
In conclusion, a trip to Burgundy in winter is a fantastic option for lovers of wine tourism and high-end travel. Prepare yourself for an unforgettable wine escapade in the heart of Burgundy in winter.