The Guide to Understanding the Climats of Burgundy

Welcome to the marvelous world of Burgundy climates! If you are a wine lover or just curious to discover the secrets of French viticulture, you have come to the right place. The climates are the soul of Burgundy. They are at the heart of the world renown of this wine region of France. But what is a climate? What is his story ? How does it influence locally produced wine? In this ultimate guide, Heritour Voyage invites you to discover all these elements together in depth.

To begin with, climats are special plots of land in Burgundy. Each plot has a unique terroir, a set of very specific geological, topographical and climatic conditions, which express their potential for the grape. The climates are in a way the signatures of Burgundy. They are also synonymous with quality. Indeed, wines from the most prestigious climates, such as Montrachet or Romanée-Conti, are among the most expensive wines in the world.

But how did the climates come into being in Burgundy? The first mention of climats dates back to the Middle Ages, when monks from local abbeys began to identify the plots of land most suitable for viticulture. The climates of Burgundy are therefore linked to a long wine-growing tradition, which has been perfected over the centuries. This tradition is passed down today from generation to generation, through the know-how of winegrowers recognized for their expertise.

To understand the importance of climates in Burgundy viticulture, it is important to know that Burgundy is a very small wine region. Indeed, wine production represents only 3% of national production. This small size, combined with the harsh climatic conditions locally, means that every plot of land must be used optimally to produce the highest quality grapes. Climates are therefore an essential tool for local winegrowers to get the most out of their terroir.

Finally, climates are also a source of emotion for wine lovers. Each climate has its particular characteristics, which are reflected in the wine produced. By tasting a wine from a specific climate, you can discover the full history and personality of this unique plot of land. The climates are therefore a real journey through flavors and emotions.

Now that you know more about the secrets of Burgundy’s climates, we hope you can appreciate the wines that come from them even more. The climates are an essential element of Burgundian viticulture, they are at the heart of its worldwide fame. Together, they form the soul and identity of this unique wine region. Organize your next oenological stay thanks to the burgundy wine tours of Heritour Voyage, we look forward to making you discover other fascinating aspects of Burgundy.