One-day trip to Burgundy: enjoy a tasty luxury experience

France is famous for its gastronomy and prestigious wines, and Burgundy is one of its regions that shines brightest in these areas. If you’re staying in Paris and would like to enjoy an exceptional experience discovering Burgundy, a day trip from the capital is the ideal solution. With Chauffeur Privé, let us guide you on a day trip to Burgundy, where you’ll discover the best of Burgundy’s food, wine and culture, all in a luxury and gourmet setting. Follow the guide for a day trip from Paris to Burgundy:

1. Departure from Paris: a remarkable experience aboard our vehicles

Your trip begins with an early morning departure from Paris. Our private driver will be waiting for you at the meeting point you have chosen. Enjoy the drive through the French countryside until you arrive in Burgundy. The tour is designed to maximize your time in Burgundy, allowing you to experience a day rich in discovery, but you can adapt the schedule to suit you.

2. Tasting morning: discover the best wine cellars

Your first stop can be at a renowned winery, where you’ll be welcomed by passionate winemakers. There, you’ll discover Burgundian winemaking while tasting a selection of exceptional wines. Taste the region’s emblematic grape varieties, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, in an authentic surrondings.

3. Gastronomic lunch break: choose a Michelin-starred restaurant

After a morning of wine tasting, it’s time to enjoy a gourmet lunch in one of Burgundy’s Michelin-starred restaurants. You’ll have the opportunity to sample local dishes, prepared with fresh, seasonal ingredients. Pair your meal with the region’s finest wines for an unforgettable culinary experience.

4. Flourishing afternoon: reach the vineyards with your private driver

After a sumptuous lunch, set off to discover Burgundy’s magnificent vineyards. Admire the picturesque landscapes and vineyards, where each plot tells a unique story. Your experienced private driver will take you through the vineyards. A guided vineyard tour will allow you to discover exclusive locations, as well as the natural beauty of the region. You’ll marvel at the vine-covered hills, unspoilt medieval villages and breathtaking panoramas.

5. Return to Paris: the safety and comfort of a tailor-made service

After a day rich in discoveries, you’ll return to Paris at the end of the day, your senses delighted by this high-end, tailor-made interlude. Burgundy offers a first-rate wine and gastronomic experience that will delight you at every turn. By choosing a day trip from Paris, you can enjoy this exceptional experience without leaving your base in the capital.

Your one-day trip from Paris to Burgundy ends with a return to your point of departure, your eyes sparkling with discoveries and your heart filled with this luxury interlude. Burgundy offers an incomparable wine and gastronomic experience that will delight all your senses, leaving you with tasty, memorable memories to cherish forever. So get ready for an exceptional day in Burgundy with Chauffeur Privé !