Discover the best vineyards of Burgundy on a spring wine tour

undy is famous for its exceptional wines, and there’s no better time to discover the wine region than during the spring. Burgundy’s vineyards are beautiful this time of year, with vibrant colors and verdant landscapes that will delight wine lovers and nature enthusiasts alike. Here are some of the must-do experiences to enjoy on a spring wine tour in Burgundy.

Visit the cellars and taste the wine

Spring is the perfect time to visit the cellars of local producers. With Heritour, you can discover the secrets of Burgundy winemaking and learn to taste different grape varieties in an authentic setting. The producers will be delighted to share their passion and know-how with you, and you can leave with some exceptional bottles to add to your collection.

Participate in local events

Spring is a lively season in Burgundy, with many events organized in the wine villages. You can attend gastronomic festivals where you can discover local cuisine accompanied by the best Burgundy wines. Open-air concerts are also organized in some vineyards, offering a festive and friendly atmosphere.

Enjoy the botanical gardens

Burgundy is also known for its beautiful botanical gardens that bloom in the spring. You can spend an entire day strolling through these enchanting gardens, admiring the colorful flowers and enjoying the quiet surroundings. Some gardens even offer wine tastings in their green spaces.

Discover the local history

Finally, spring is also a good time for cultural visits in Burgundy. Dijon, Beaune and the surrounding area are full of fascinating wine-related stories, from Roman times to the present. You can visit museums dedicated to wine or explore the medieval castles that played an important role in the regional wine production.In conclusion, a wine tour in Burgundy in springtime offers a unique experience combining nature, gastronomy and local culture. Whether you are a wine lover or simply curious to discover this beautiful French region, there is something for everyone during this enchanting season. So why not plan your next trip with Heritour Voyage now ?