Discover Burgundy with a private driver: advantages not to be missed

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Burgundy is a French region known for its fine wines, refined gastronomy and rich cultural heritage. If you plan to visit this region, you can opt for a private driver (VTC) to make the most of your stay. Here are the advantages you should not miss.

Comfort and safety

One of the main advantages of traveling with a private driver is the comfort and safety that he can offer. You won’t have to worry about traffic problems, complicated routes or parking. Your Private Chauffeur or driver will take care of all that for you, allowing you to enjoy your trip with peace of mind.

Flexibility and customization

With a private driver, you have more flexibility in your travels and can customize your itinerary according to your desires. You can decide where to go, how long to stay and when to leave. Plus, if you have any special requests or needs (such as a guided tour in English), your driver will be happy to accommodate them.

Local knowledge

Another important advantage of having a private driver is his local knowledge. Our Heritour drivers know the area well and can therefore give you useful tips on the best places to visit, opening hours, local events not to be missed and even recommended restaurants to try Burgundian specialties.

Time saving

Finally, having a private driver can also represent a considerable time saving. Indeed, by avoiding the hassle of public transportation or car rental, you can save precious time that can be used to explore more of Burgundy or simply relax and enjoy the scenery.

In conclusion, traveling with a private driver is without a doubt one of the best ways to discover Dijon, Beaune and its surroundings. With its unquestionable comfort and safety, customizable flexibility, in-depth local knowledge and considerable time-saving potential – there is no reason not to choose this option when visiting this beautiful region of France! Contact Vicky to organize your trip.